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Hogwarts School UK
Welcome to Rictusempra! Hopefully it won't be too long until this site is up... to give you a hint of what's coming up: RPGs - both on a gameboard and just a normal one using webpages; layouts; avatars; wallpaper; fan art and fiction; a new kind of collectable Chocolate Frog Card unique to Rictusempra; lots of interaction with Harry Potter characters; sites dedicated to the various characters; and more. I'm going to really put everything into this site, I've planned it for so long.

Anyway, bookmark this page or send an owl if you want to know when the site is finally open. And I promise it'll be great.

If you want to help out at all, or if you have avatars, wallpapers, layouts or even just suggestions that you'd like to see on Rictusempra, just send an owl - all contributions are greatly appreciated!

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